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Podcast | Why Private Equity Believes in the Logistics Industry


How can we tell that the logistics industry holds so much promise for investors? It’s where the money is.

COVID-19 revealed to all the critical role that logistics and the supply chain play in the global economy. But some far-seeing investors knew that long before the pandemic hit. Red Arts Capital is a private equity fund that was formed in 2015 by a couple of 26-year-olds, Nick Antoine and Chad Strader. They had seen the writing on the wall — that logistics and the supply chain presented a huge investment opportunity — and they acted accordingly. On this episode, we speak with co-founder and managing partner Antoine about why the industry is such an attractive target today, and where the best plays lie. We learn how private equity approaches the sector — at what stage it jumps in, and when it gets out. And we discuss the sector’s prospects and major challenges for the coming year. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain.


Listen to the podcast here